Information Distribution:  We have 5000 door hangers and 5000 pieces of literature for a NO vote on Issue 1. Contact [email protected] if you can help get these items into the hands of voters!!

Sign Wave: Until the election, we will have a sign wave every Saturday from 10-11 am in the 100 block of N. Dorset in Troy. Please join us – you will be amazed at how many people stop to get info!.

Churches: Encourage YOUR church leaders to preach for a NO vote on Issue 1 Nov. 7th. If you need a speaker/signs/literature for your church, please contact Ned Altic at [email protected]. We can also put literature on cars in the church parking lots with the preacher’s approval!!

Prayer Vigil:  
Monday evening before election day – 6 pm at the courthouse in Troy. Please join us Nov. 6th with Pastor Gil Heckle and Pastor Linda Ares

Many don’t know this change gives unrestricted abortions to anyone of any age – no parental approval! It also allows for any reproductive surgery at any age – no parental approval. When we explain those two items to the pro-choice crowd, many change their minds about this amendment! VOTE NO!!

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