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Outrage 2016

smiley-150663_960_720$1,802,871,000 of our tax money spent on Executive Department civilian employees when given paid time off for Christmas Eve.

Inspired by an outraged  Miami County Liberty group member:

According to the Federal Register, President Obama issued four executive orders over the past seven years granting paid time off – two 1/2 days and two full days- for Christmas Eve. Executive Department civilian employees already receive 33 days, at a minimum, of paid time off annually. In addition, they did receive payment for their time off during the “government shutdown” and for snow days
The 2014 number of civilian Executive Department employees varied from 2,100,000 – 2,663,000 depending which statistics are used and the Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average earnings for full-time federal employees was $74,403 in 2009. The earnings figure does not include any benefits which is an important part of anyone’s compensation.
If the average wage is $74,403 and the average number of days worked is 227 (260-33), an employee will make $286.17/day. If the number of civilian employees in the Executive Department is 2,100,000 and each one had an additional three days off over four years of Christmas Eve executive orders, President Obama spent an additional $1,802,871,000 of our money with his pen and a phone.
1.8 billion dollars spent on employees with 33 days of paid time off available to them already. Certainly one of those 33 days could be used instead! Just one more outrage!

Last Hours in Saigon


November 14, 2017 – Veterans’ Tribute
7pm Concord Room, 845 West Market St., Troy
Dave Norman shares his experience of the evacuation of the US Embassy in Saigon.
Dave grew up in Fairborn, Ohio and attended Fairborn Park Hills High School. In early 1972 he learned his draft number was 10 which meant he would be drafted in to military service after graduating high school. Instead of being drafted, he enlisted in the Marine Corps delayed entry program in March of 1972. After high school graduation he went to Marine Corps Basic Training at San Diego, California, graduating in December and then went to infantry training at Camp Pendleton, California. In March 1973 Dave volun-teered for assignment to a Marine Corps infantry unit in South Vietnam. Upon comple-tion of his first tour of duty in Vietnam (March of 1974) he volunteered to attend the Marine Security Guard (MSG) School in Arlington, Virginia. After completing MSG training in June 1974 he was assigned duties at the American Em-bassy in Saigon, RVN. He worked as a member of the Marine Security Detachment at the American Embassy through the evacuation in April 1975. After the evacuation he was assigned to the American Consulate in Frankfort Germany until September 1976. Dave left the Marine Corps and returned home to Fairborn in October 1976.
Dave currently resides in Staunton Township in Miami County, he is married to Susie (Roeth) Norman and they have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He is a Captain at the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and is cur-rently the Jail Administrator for both jails.