OP ED: Why I can not support Jim Renacci

Please note the opinions written below are not the opinion of Miami County Liberty but are solely those of Kelly Kohls and rewritten to promote discussion and provoke thought. Kelly is president of the Ohio School Board Leadership Council. Jim Renacci (R) represents OH16 in the US House of Representatives and is running for Governor.

1. Let’s look at federal control of education.
 2015-2016: Congress voted to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, most recently called ESSA.
 After being put in place in 2001, this act took federal controls over states rights to educate children. This was done to start the track to Common Core. I believe once Common Core
 became more and more despised congress had to act fast to reauthorize its controls before states took back control. Common Core is NCLB and is now called ESSA.
 Heritage Action feels this vote significantly altered states’ rights and places control of educating children firmly in the hands of the federal government and reduces opportunities for children. In addition, it
 decreases choices for parents.

 Jim Jordan voted against reauthorization of federal control of education.
 Renacci voted YES for this reauthorization (federal control) aka Common Core.
 Ok, so everyone admits education is failing our students and our country. According to the federal government, the NCLB act was needed and enacted specifically due to the failing public education
 system. The federal Government and the teachers’ unions took control of education in 1980- obviously, the failures of public education can be traced directly to these influences. Since the federal government
 and teachers’ unions have been significantly involved in our public education system, they should be
 held responsible for these well-known failures. How could continuing this federal and union intrusion, the denial of states’ rights, not to mention failures, be considered acceptable? A conservative would say it is not. Thank You Jim Jordan
 2. Let’s look at Religious Freedom
 Congress voted for The Maloney Anti Religious Freedom Amendment Act.
 This act unnecessarily restrains business and bars federal contractors from “discrimination”.
 Now these businesses are forced to allow men in women’s restrooms. They are forced to
 recognize transgender individuals as protected class.
 Jim Jordan = NO
 Jim Renacci =YES
 3. Let’s look at growing government and wasteful spending
 A. 21 st Century Cures Act HR 34 spends $6.3 Billion more than current spending on NIH and FDA. These grow government and spending.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 B. Energy and Water Appropriations Bill HR 5055- spends $259 million more than last year and $168 million more than the President asked for.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 C. 500 B Doc Fix Deal adds $500 Billion to our National Debt.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 D. Amtrack Reauthorization- authorizes more money to the financially failing long distance amtrack routes.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 E. 2016 II RSC Blueprint for a Balanced Budget.
 Jordan YES, Renacci= NO.
 F. Hudson Amendment to take Department of Energy spending back to 2008 levels.
 Jordan= YES, Renacci= NO
 G. Hice Amendment- to stop federal workers from doing union paid business whil they were working and getting paid by the US government.
 Jordan=YES, Renacci= NO
 H. $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill December 2015 =
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 I. Continuation and funding of the Import- Export Bank = Total global cronyism. This IE Bank gives American tax dollars to foreign businesses. Possible pay to play scheme.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 J. 2016 EPA funding for Diesel research- contains wasteful spending that should be done by
 private business.
 Jordan=NO, Renacci= YES
 4. Let’s look at who stands for freedom.
 A. King Amendment- to stop Davis-Bacon. Davis Bacon forces the federal government to abide
 by arbitrary “prevailing wage” requirements for federal construction projects. Davis -bacon prevents free
 market influences. Union forced price controls.
 Jordan=YES, Renacci= NO
 B. Stanford Freedom in Footwear Amendment- allows military recruits freedom to buy their
 choice in footwear rather than being forced to buy from one supplier. Allows free market
 Jordan=YES, Renacci= NO
 So I now understand why Conservative Review gives Jim Renacci an F
 Reference Heritage Action
Kelly Kohls

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