MCL speaker returns to educate students

Guest Speaker from Institute on the Constitution

This past week a few Miami and Shelby County school’s social studies classes had the opportunity to hear a dynamic speaker named Jake MacAulay. The students enjoyed hearing Jake’s Christian testimony and his passion for teaching the biblical foundations that our country’s law is based upon. He kept the students engaged with many opportunities for interaction and application of his teachings.  According to his website, the mission of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is to restore our American Founding Fathers’ Biblical, Constitutional, American View of law and government. This American View can be summed up in these words: “There is a God, our rights come from him and the purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given rights.”  Jake travels around the country engaging audiences of students, churches, and other organizations that see the importance of teaching our nation’s constitutional heritage.

One of the teachers continued with the following comments:

“I really enjoyed having Jake speak to my classes. He is a dynamic speaker and the students were actively engaged in listening to everything that he had to say. He clearly has a passion for Christ and teaching from a biblical worldview about the true foundations of our nation. He had very practical, clear illustrations/examples of the dangers when government oversteps its proper role in society. I would love to use his materials in my classroom in the future. I wish he could speak every year! Jake taught such an important history lesson for our young people that is lacking in many curriculums that remove our Christian heritage and foundation for law.”

A second teacher stated this:
“I had him speak in my classes at our high school – about citizenship responsibilities, the job of government, and of course, he brought in God given rights.  My students absolutely loved him and in 45 short minutes I think they learned a lot.”

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