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Irony Alert: Kasich to Travel Country Promoting Balanced Budget Amendment

thThe Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Governor Kasich plans to travel the country in 2016, not to get a jump on a presidential campaign, but to push for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Ohio is one of 24 states which has called for a constitutional convention. Ten more states are needed to convene the convention and 38 states are needed to ratify an amendment. The stops Kasich plans to make on his […]

Obamacare Updates: Enrollment, Perverse Incentives, and Governor Kasich

thObamacare’s second annual open enrollment period has been underway for approximately two weeks, but even before it began, the Obama administration downplayed expectations by lowering its projected 2015 enrollment figure by 30%. The Congressional Budget Office orginally predicted there would be 13 million Obamacare customers in 2015, but that figure has now been lowered to between 9 and 9.9 million when taking into consideration returning customers and new enrollees. Fox News indicates that the administration […]

Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department

Read the PJ Media book reviewbalance-10011750 by J. Christian Adams on Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department by John Fund and Hans Von Spekovsky.

Investigate any number of scandals well researched by the authors.

  • How Eric Holder accelerated Obama’s plan for transforming the Justice Department and therefore the county.
  • How the DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division cooperated with advocacy groups, changed laws and funneled money to those groups.
  • The creation of more than 100 new Federal rules with steep financial costs through the “sue and settle” practice.
  • How President Obama has embedded extremist lawyers in the DOJ resulting in incalculable damage to the rule of law.
  • Fast and Furious
  • Wiretapping
  • The attack on Gibson Guitars

Status of Common Core Repeal Bill HB597

back-to-school-text-on-blackboard-100173633According to an article from the Ohio Liberty Coalition, HB597 is not progressing through the legislature as it should be allowed to. Contact information for Speaker Bill Batchelder is included in the article. Read more

Obamacare Enrollment Not As Reported by Obama Administration

thHow much more obfuscation and misinformation about Obamacare will Americans be subjected to? Bloomberg reports that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee discovered that the Obama administration has been misreporting the number of people enrolled in Obamacare by approximately 380,000. The administration was double accounting for consumers who were enrolled in both a medical and dental plan through the federal and state health care marketplaces in order to get the enrollment numbers above 7 […]

Frederick Douglass Foundation Discusses Common Core

back-to-school-text-on-blackboard-100173633“Literature without the context of history, is meaningless and history, without the context of Christianity, is incomprehensible.”

The above quote comes from an article written by the Frederick Douglass Foundation as part of the foundation’s response to the implementation of Common Core in many classrooms across the United States.

Before the 1920’s, American schools taught children to think critically and to interpret the present with knowledge of the past. In the 1920’s, the educational system started to slowly be transformed with a final goal being a global society and global government. The latest installment of this transformation, according to many conservative thinkers, is Common Core. Common Core is altering what aspects of history are being taught and changing the method of math and science instruction.

By cutting off connections to history, we will be raising a population completely detached from its culture. Common core has so convoluted math instruction that parents can’t even understand the methods their children are supposed to use.  These changes put the parents on the sideline, and it can purposely create, in the child’s mind, the notion that their parents might not be so smart, thus making it less likely that they will later consider their parents’ wisdom useful in other subjects.

Use this link to Frederick Douglass Foundation article to become more informed on Common Core and to learn how the Frederick Douglass Foundation feels about it.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stupidest man of all.”

th-1Jonathan Gruber, the now notorious Obamacare architect, may just well be the most toxic man in America. He has managed to offend literally all of the American public by referring to the “stupidity of the American voter,” calling his countrymen “too stupid,” and claiming that we have a “lack of economic understanding.” These comments and more were made in at least six video clips from various conferences during which Gruber explained the way Americans were […]

What Does College Credit Plus Mean for Taxpayers

taxpayerRepublicans in the General Assembly inserted in the mid biennium review bill, HB 487, a program which sounds like it could be connected to Common Core. The program, College Credit Plus (CCP), provides free full and part time college credit to public and private secondary school students who meet the admission requirements of a partnering college, usually a local community college. What’s the connection with Common Core? Well, just look for the buzz words peppered […]

Sustainable Development and U.N. Agenda 21 Opposition

av-_321In 1992, President Bush signed the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development policy at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Following that, President Clinton created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development to implement Agenda 21.

One group decidedly against Agenda 21 is The Post Sustainability Institute and spokespersons Rosa Koire and Kay Tokerud. Life-long Democrats, advocates for civil rights, private property rights, pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, in this case they are fighting against an issue that they feel transcends party lines. The linked article explains Agenda 21, the background of the sustainable movement, and explains where you may be experiencing Agenda 21 policies in your own town.



Buckeye Institute Suggests Reforms to Ohio’s Broken Municipal Income Tax System

Unknown-6Municipal income tax reform is on the agenda in the lame-duck session of the Ohio General Assembly. The Buckeye Institute has published a report which highlights the most aggregious aspects of Ohio’s municipal income tax system and identifies needed reforms. Buckeye puts the issue into perspective, “Forty other states manage to fund local government without imposing municipal income taxes, putting Ohioans and their businesses at an immediate economic disadvantage. State policymakers should be looking for […]