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Thank you all for any help you provided at the fair through the week! We had some great visuals to share with people who came through the building.      This new group is working with conservative voters in Ohio to help us choose the best candidate we can! Please visit this web site, vote for your favorite conservative candidate and do what you can to help the organization.

Here is the link for the Defending the American Dream Summit, August 21-22 in Columbus

Planned Parenthood Videos – Lies or Truth?

searchProgress Ohio has accused Ohio’s leading Republicans and others of continuing their assault on Planned Parenthood with lies and widely discredited videos, selectively spliced to make it appear as if the health care provider illegally profits from the sale of fetal tissue. This post will try to supply unedited versions of the videos and let you decide for yourself. From 7/14 , 7/217/28 , and 8/6 .

After watching these disturbing videos we need to ask who is selling lies – Progress Ohio or Center for Medical Progress? Also, should Planned Parenthood, whose main mission seems to be to kill babies, be called a health care provider? Last question, with Obamacare requiring insurance to pay 100% of women’s health screenings (and everyone is required to have insurance), why is it necessary to fund this entity?

True or Not – You Might Find This Humorous

stock-vector-caucasian-cartoon-football-waving-man-48644359Daniel Snyder, owner of the NFL Redskins, has announced that the team is dropping the word “Washington” from the team name and it will henceforth be simply known as “The Redskins”.
It was reported that he finds the word ‘Washington’ imparts a negative image of poor leadership, mismanagement, corruption, cheating, and lying, and is not a fitting role model for young fans of football.

Should Charities Be Donating To Planned Parenthood?

searchSurprisingly, The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, and Susan G. Komen all donate money directly to Planned Parenthood. Fannie Mae is also a direct contributor to Planned Parenthood. Melissa Quinn of The Daily Signal compiled a list of 41 companies that donate directly to Planned Parenthood. Along the same general subject, Kelsey Harkness of The Daily Signal reported on pro-life leaders who say Planned Parenthood openly targets the Black community.

Watch On Point with Tomi Lahren of OAN from 7/18

The attached video gives Tomi’s Red, White, Blue and Unfiltered final thoughts on the slaughter of 5 Marines. On Point with Tomi Lahren of OAN

You’ve Heard of Sanctuary Cities – But Do You Know What They Are?

searchIn the wake of a San Francisco shooting that garnered national attention, the immigration debate has centered on sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary policies differ from city to city, but generally the policies instruct city employees and law enforcement to not ask the immigration status of criminal suspects.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, more than 200 cities and counties in the United States have policies that make them immigration sanctuaries.

Read more on Sanctuary Cities from Alex Anderson at The Daily Signal

New Voter ID Bill in Lawmaker’s Hands

neon-light-with-vote-word-100100266Rep. Andrew Brenner has proposed HB 189 stating, in part, voters must have a photo ID containing the same name as the voter registration rolls. These ID can include non-expired driver’s licenses, state or military IDs, or US passports. Right now the bill is sitting in committee with no hearing scheduled yet. Read more here Maggie Thurber | For Ohio Watchdog

Fight For Local Control over Common Core Standards

School reading and studiesCritics have accomplished dropping the Common Core test PARCC in Ohio. Their next step may be found in HB 212. Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson has proposed a bill that will allow school districts to choose standards and tests for themselves. Rep. Thompson would like to see the overall balance of power shift back to the local school districts and away from the state. See more on this story by By Jason Hart | Ohio Watchdog

How is Obamacare affecting us in Ohio right now?

medical-312324__180Medicaid changes in Ohio could severely hurt disabled Ohioans – article by Jason Hart from – this article outlines language targeting Ohio’s ICFs (intermediate care facilities) in Governor Kasich’s 2016-17 state budget

A second article by Jason details the cost of Ohio’s Obamacare expansion. Read more here

Defending the American Dream Summit

Below is a link for the Defending the American Dream Summit, August 21st-22nd, in Columbus. At this time, registration is a deal at only $25. On June 1st, the registration fee will be $50.

Defending the American Dream Summit link

E-Cigarette Tax

american-flag-100151071Lawmakers are considering a steep e-cigarette tax among other tax proposals found in the original version of Governor Kasich’s 2016-2017 budget. These tax increases purportedly would pay for cuts to the income tax in Ohio. To read more, see this article by Jason Hart-Ohio Watchdog. Governor Kasich’s budget proposal – Blueprint for A New Ohio – can be found here.